get involved

If you would like to get involved we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have an afternoon free each week or fortnight, please consider becoming a keeper of the White Spring and opening up regularly for visitors. Also, to help fulfil the building's potential, trades-people, crafts-people, artists, carpenters, builders and plumbers who have the time and energy for this worthy cause would be most welcome. Ceremonialists, priests, healers, singers and musicians to support our gatherings and celebrations are also welcomed and appreciated.

If you wish to offer your time, skills or resources, become a benefactor, facilitate ceremony, meditations or music; we invite you to get involved. If you can make a financial contribution to running costs or future projects, or if you can help organise a benefit event. Please contact us, contribute here, or arrange a meeting to talk to the custodian about how you may be able to help.


We do require some financial support for the day to day running of the temple, and to initiate new projects. Gifts and contributions are most welcome. You can contribute using direct deposit, PayPal or cheque.

Contribute using PayPal


Direct Deposit to:
The White Spring Glastonbury Foundation
Sort code 16-58-10
Account number 20818610


By posting a cheque made payable to The White Spring Glastonbury Foundation to:
The White Spring Custodian
Wellhouse Cottage
Wellhouse Lane
Glastonbury Somerset BA6 8BL


The building of the physical Temple naturally combines with the building of the social and spiritual community which spreads out into the town and across the land so that joy and peace may endure. ‘Companions of the White Spring’ describes friends and supporters of the temple. People who offer their time and resources, and those who are and have been involved in the regeneration and growth of this beautiful sacred space.

The White Spring is not just in Glastonbury, it is in the hearts of many people all across the world; people who cherish the place. Our community spans the whole globe and includes artists, craftspeople, ceremonialists, musicians, helpers, keepers, benefactors and supporters. Some individuals help on other related projects and, at Glastonbury Festival, a beautiful Brigid Garden is created each year by a small group of Companions

for the love of it

All that is done at the White Spring is done for the love of it. In true Temple tradition, no-one is charged or paid. Keepers and custodians, artists and craftspeople, give their time and skills freely and they find their lives blessed. Spirits of the place have made themselves known and have drawn in their human helpers. All pilgrims and visitors enter free of charge.

Every individual who comes and contributes does so from the heart. All is freely and lovingly given and there is no expectation for anyone to do anything more than they will ‘For the Love of It.’

It is in this spirit that we discourage the exchange of money at the White Spring. We request that people do not buy or sell goods or services of any kind in the building or the courtyard of the temple space. If a gift is offered to us at The White Spring, it is graciously accepted, however we prefer that any financial contributions are offered away from the sacred space. Let us keep the market in the market place.